Silver rating



The Parke Heritage High School band earned a silver rating at the ISSMA High School Organizational Contest held at Northview High School on Friday, April 14. The group performed “The Klaxon” by Henry Fillmore, “Air for Band” by Frank Erickson and “Rampage” by Todd Stalter. The rating is based on accuracy of notes and rhythms, and overall impression of the band’s sound. Front from left are Arielle Hartman, Austin Dahl, Hayden Thomas, Megan Shockey, Director Alec Moeller, Joyce Canfield, Justin Cooper and Ashlyn Hybarger. Second row: Mason Barger, Jake Johnson, Bailey Jeffers, Alison Nicholas, Will Patton, Kera Boblett, Delaney Stambaugh, Zek Lake and Warren Ayres. In the back are Logan Brister, Israel Gleason, Aidan Gillooly, Sarah Piribauer, Treyton Burgess, and Brennon Driskell. (Photo courtesy of Parke Heritage High School)