Meal prices, field trips on North Vermillion agenda

Meal price increases, field trips and surplus equipment were among items on the agenda for the North Vermillion School Board at their June 20 meeting.

Building principals reported that the offices at the elementary and high school will be closed from June 26 to July 21.

The board approved the continuation of treasurer bonds through July 1, 2024, for Michele Harrison, Debra Harding, Brittany Hall, Heather Hughes, Kristi Lamb and Christy Nale.

The board approved increases in cafeteria prices. Student breakfast will increase 50 cents while elementary lunches will increase 20 cents and high school lunches will increase 30 cents. Adult breakfast will increase 20 cents but lunch will not increase. These prices are determined by a Price Adjustment calculator given by the state.

There will be no cost for book rental for the 2023-2024 school year.

The board approved the elementary and high school handbook changes for the 2023-2024 school year. No significant changes were made.

The 2024 budget calendar was also approved and the August board meeting was changed to Aug. 22. The public hearing was set for Sept. 19 with budget adoption set for Oct. 24. The budget calendar is aligned to meet requirements outlined by the Department of Local Government Finance.

Field trips approved included an FFA Officer Retreat on July 22-23, Varsity Boys’ Basketball to a shootout at Evansville Harrison and Holiday on June 20-21 and UCA Cheer Camp at Ball State on July 18-21.

The board approved offering day care at North Vermillion Elementary for the 2023-2024 school year.

The board voted to declare various equipment surplus, included old classroom and office furniture such as broken desks, tables, cabinets and other outdated furniture.

The only personnel item approved was the hiring of Katelyn Snack as an Elementary Teacher.

Paul Pfledderer gave the monthly budget update and Superintendent Dan Nelson gave construction project updates.